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Our Mission

Professionally and compassionately providing highly skilled state of the art dental care with personalized treatments tailored to patient’s needs and desires.

Our Services

You can have a new smile with state of the art materials that are both beautiful and durable.
Crowns can repair broken teeth to their correct function.
Crowns can also correct cosmetic defects in color, shape or alignment.
We replace missing teeth with bridges which are cemented in, removable partial dentures and full complete dentures.
Most routine and surgical extractions can be performed here in our office.
Occasionally referrals to a specialist might be necessary.
Tooth Colored composite fillings that are bonded to your teeth.
We will take impressions to create a custom tray for each patient for use at home.
We also carry different strengths of the bleaching material in our office at all times.
You should have a standard cleaning at least twice a year.
If it has been over a year since you’re last cleaning, possible treatment may include either Periodontal Scaling (deep cleaning) or Root Planning and Scaling.
Whether you are an athlete or casual sports participant, you should wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth.
We can provide comfortable, custom fitted protection for all ages of athletes.
Many people suffer with facial muscular pain, pain in the joint and or limited opening due to jaw clenching or grinding (bruxism).
Our office can usually provide systematic relief with the fabrication of a hard acrylic splint (night guard).
Our outstanding team of conscientious, thorough and well trained dental hygienists will provide the highest level of disease prevention through careful and comprehensive dental cleanings and patient education.
Working closely with highly skilled and well trained surgeons, our office can provide function and esthetics by replacing missing teeth with state of the art implant supported restorations.
Whether it is a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants represent the best of modern materials and techniques.
Our office provides cleanings, examinations, sealants and basic fillings for most children.
Should the need for more extensive treatments arise or orthodontics, we will facilitate a timely referral to one of the several pediatric dental specialists in our area.
Porcelain, Emax, Zirconia or composite/resin restorations can all be custom fabricated for your dental needs.
We work closely with talented dental ceramists and your restorations will be well fitting, well-shaped and correctly shaded.

Our Team

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